Black-crowned Night-Heron (Nycticorax nycticorax)
Status in the Checklist Area - (3) Accidental

As the name suggests, this chunky little heron hunts mostly at night and spends the daylight hours roosting in usually dense cover. Only three records for our area; all from Chilliwack. Given this species' tendency for night activity and resting quietly in thick trees it may go largely unnoticed. Found mostly in the U.S. Accidental in much of B.C.; a small population can be found at Reifel Bird Sanctuary in Delta especially during the fall and winter. Feeds on a typical heron diet of fish, frogs and the likes.

Similar species:
A fairly unique looking bird, quite a bit smaller, shorter necked and legged than a Great Blue Heron.

Ehrlich, Dobkin and Wheye, (1988)

Noteworthy Data
February 25, 1995 Upper Prairie Road, Chilliwack D. Knopp, 1995
L. Larkin
G. Gadsden, 1995
Roosting in a cedar tree near Yale Road East and the Hope Slough. Last recorded March 3, 1995
December 25, 1994 Young Road, Chilliwack M. Ogmundson
D. Knopp, 1994a
Roosting near Hope Slough.
March 26, 1976 Camp River Road, Chilliwack D. McPhee As cited in Birds of B.C. Photographed.
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